Sunday, October 30, 2011

Character design two

Here is the backstory and design of a new character Lieutenant Deputy Sheriff Alejandra Torrez

The inspiration for this character partially comes from my own mother who was a federal agent for 15 years and took part in a number of dangerous operations, I have always seen my mother as a badass, someone who believed in god and loved her family so much that she had no problem with cruel and unusual punishment in order to protect us. After she died I thought of this character for a long time, a character that could display for everyone how beautiful and how much of a badass I always thought she was.

I eventually plan on using this character in a series as the lead role.

In terms of design inspiration, she has no directly inspired artist, except maybe Ashely Wood or Yoji Shinkawa but the movement I am trying to capture is inspired by director Hiroyuki Imaishi creator of Dead leaves, Panty and Stocking, and the fifth episode of FLCL

Age: 37
Married to Daniel Murasaki
have two Children

Lt. Torrez is and never was anyone to be fucked with. Born into a rather large catholic mexican-american family, in the worst parts of east LA, Alejandra learned at a very early age about the ways of a gritty and unforgiving world. She believed deeply in her catholic heritage and tried everyday to be a good catholic, however having to deal with gangs, drug dealers and any other kind of scum imaginable made being a “good catholic” almost impossible. When she went to school it was mostly boys that gave her problems, having to take all kinds of verbal abuse. She was only beat up once, but at that moment she had accumulated enough anger and rage to fuel ten armies, and after another attempted beating (which resulted in failure) she was never messed with again.

In high school Alejandra was the subject of growing concern because of her deeply rooted anger management problems, she took up various forms of athletic fighting outlets like martial-arts and boxing. She was never considered an unhappy person, she had many friends and tried really hard to be sociable, she was even a cheerleader all through high school if you could believe that. But her unrelenting and even legendary anger made her a bit of a social outcast, which is also strange for someone who was considered one of the most beautiful girls in her class. At this point in her life, she began to realize she was angry at the all the hurtful and stupid people around her (mostly men) and the various cliches and social groups that annoyed her so much; she would love nothing more then to beat the living shit out of anyone who dared cross her, her family or her friends, any reason to feel her fist pound someones face into ground beef.

After high-school miss Torrez began to take better care of her anger issues and went off to college to study mathematics, one of her favorite things to study was game theory and pretty much the art of puzzle salving, she had collections of detective novels and she had convinced herself that she could one day be a great detective. But she set that aside to use her math skills for a more practical job of being an accountant, which she became an expert at. Her first job was being the accounting chief at a big architectural firm in San Francisco, both her skills and no-nonsense attitude made her both respected and feared in the work place. While there she meet a rather nerdy looking architect named Daniel Murasaki, a very shy and awkward individual, whom at first she wanted to knock some sense into, but after a while they started to get to know each other a little better, and became really close. Daniel introduced her to firearms (of which he is an avid collector) and she introduced him to good home cooked mexican food, one thing led to another, and they eventually fell in love, got married and had two kids.
Along the way, Daniel was somehow able to convince Alejandra to follow her dreams, and through this she decided to become an investigator. She wanted to work for the FBI, but even after going through all the training and graduating with flying colors she was still denied becoming an agent because of her history of anger management problems, because of this she fell back into her old habits of hatred and anger, so instead she decided to place herself as close to the criminals as possible, by joining the Sheriffs department. Every day she finds and deals with criminals in her own “special” way, making her (like her last job) both feared and respected, and she has never felt more at home because of it. She now knows how to deal with her anger, by reminding herself that she does what she does for the love of her husband and their children, and by making the world a safer place one beaten or dead criminal at a time.  

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